AL Central Preview – Chicago White Sox

The trades are heating up as the Chicago White Sox baseball team kicks off the New Year’s spring training season. With not much of time left before the season starts, the Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen has a lot of homework to do. He has to work hard enough to avoid the trading rumors affect the training preparation of the team.

The team has had a bad season last year which they surely don’t want to repeat again this time. However, despite the bad performance of the White Sox in the previous season, they were successful in making deals that could help them turn the table in this 2010 season.

This year, the team prepares itself with a strong mind and aims to winning the 2010 World Series. Guillen was found appreciating the current performance of the team. He further mentioned his interest in signing Gordan for a longer time in the team. He also appreciated the team’s general manager for keeping the team issues low and quiet. He said that Williams mainly focuses on getting the best deals for the team with a main basic reason in mind.

Apart from these changes, there have also been several rumors of trading Adrian Gonzalez and Beckham. Answering these issues, the White Sox manager said that there will be names like Gordon, Danks and Flyod popping up every time the White Sox team talks of trading players for the season. Clearing the cloud from the topic, he said that these are not the current priorities the team is look up to. 

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